Some have the perception that social justice and environmental sustainability don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Some social justice advocates have, at times, been critical of sustainable population advocacy. Our guest in this episode confirms that sustainable population efforts go hand-in-hand with, and do not inherently conflict with, social equity.

We asked Majora Carter to have this conversation with us to help us and other sustainable population advocates improve our understanding of social and environmental justice issues. “We just want to be seen, and heard, and treated equally,” she tells us. The conversation is far-ranging and fascinating.

Majora Carter is a real estate developer and urban revitalization strategy consultant. She has a lot of experience working to improve status and opportunity for challenged communities that have been left behind. Majora established Sustainable South Bronx and Green for All, among other organizations, and in 2008 she opened the Majora Carter Group, a private consulting firm, which was named Best for the World by B-Corp in 2014.


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