By David Casteel
It has been stated in some quarters that overpopulation is a myth propagated by Capitalists to divide and conquer us, and to hide the real problems and causes which they themselves have created. Anyone who entertains this idea is missing the elephant in the room. Capitalists don’t give a flying fog about hiding the real problems and causes of world turmoil. They have a very effective propaganda machine in place to gaslight others than themselves and justify all of their actions. They could make throwing your mother under a bus seem financially justifiable. Just look at the asshat idea that was circulating in the early days of the Covid outbreak. It was being bantered about in Washington and other quarters that we should just let the old folks die from Covid because they were probably near death anyway (read, not consuming much, so not profitable). Tony Abbott, the former Australian prime minister tipped to become a UK ‘trade’ envoy (the irony), said families should be allowed to consider letting elderly relatives die from Covid by letting nature take its course. Same thing, different mouth. Would the Capitalist elite and those in positions of power that they control, IE. Wall Street, Mass Media, Politicians, and most of the scientific community etc., do or say anything that would jeopardize their control over their single most valuable commodity, the consumer? Any logical person would see that that would be counter intuitive.
The Capitalist system depends primarily on the engine of consumption. Consumption needs “consumers” otherwise the system would collapse in a very short time. Now, I ask this question, would the Capitalists try to convince the consumers that they are too numerous and that they should reduce their numbers to save the planet and themselves? Again, logic begs to question this premise. Capitalists want to perpetuate the “myth” that there is no overpopulation problem in order to keep increasing their consumer base which equals more profits for them. The elite and their few fortunate cadres give a total of zero bleepbleeps whether the planet and the majority of its inhabitants are mostly destroyed by man made events. Why should they care? They have themselves very well insulated against any possible world wide disaster. Just Google “Billionaire Bunkers” if you don’t believe it. Elon Musk is banking on Mars but the rest are going to “tough it out” here in the lap of luxury.The Capitalists will squeeze the very last lifeblood out of the planet and its inhabitants by any means necessary up to and including destruction. They have their propaganda machine well oiled and an army of politicians, scientists, theorists, philosophers, agriculturists, medical professionals, and “experts” of every description at their beck and call to make sure it keeps running smoothly. At my last observation it was running very smoothly. Most folks are completely brainwashed and believe all of the pap they are being fed.
I, for one, would gladly throw a monkey wrench in the works if I had the chance. Right now all I can do is sound the alarm that overpopulation is a real existential threat to our survival as a species. Unfortunately, very few are listening.
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David Casteel, May 20, 2021

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