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As the world’s population steadily approaches 10 billion, our levels of consumption drain more and more resources from this planet. It’s been estimated that the earth can sustainably handle a fraction of that. Climate change, desertification, ocean acidification, and species extinction are only a small part of the long list of environmental problems that are, in reality, symptoms of an overpopulated planet. As environmental organizations spend billions of dollars in an effort to reverse or slow the damage we’ve done to the  planet, pollution keeps worsening, species keep becoming endangered, and resources keep being run dry. For fear of losing funding they fail to acknowledge and address the the problem at its source. 

The Solution

The most effective, and most viable, solution for healing our planet  is a worldwide embracing of a One or None 7 year family pledge. This would be implemented on a rotational basis of a period of 500 years until the planet’s population has reached a sustainable number. Research shows that maintaining a human population between 529 million to 1.5 billion would allow both humans and flora and fauna to live in a natural balance with one another. An adoption of the family pledge could result in a population of 5 billion in 2100, as opposed to the predicted 11 billion. With our ecosystem collapsing, it is our responsibility to adopt the solution and lower our population.

What You Can Do

Send a letter to environmental groups

Most Environmental groups ignore the main cause of the destruction on the earth. Sending these groups letters, letting them know you will only support their cause if they address the overpopulation emergency will make think twice about continuing to neglect this most import issue. Courtesy of world population balance and Karen Shragg. We have provided you with a good template letter below!


Host a Screening

Hosting a film screening, either in public or virtually, can be a very empowering way to bring like minds together and initiate discussion around meaningful environmentally conscious topics.


One or None family pledge

When planning a family, it is important to create a safe environment for every child. Overpopulation makes this impossible, creating a litany of environmental emergencies. Do your part to combat the climate destruction by pledging to have one or no children (until our environmental emergencies are under control) below!


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