The Way To Live Part 1



Many environmental organizations are wholeheartedly trying to tackle the endless list of destruction we face on earth; however, they have failed to either recognize or acknowledge the sheer pressure being placed on the earth as we add nearly 100 million more people to the planet every single year. The human species is extracting more resources and creating more waste than the planet can recover from. Up until now, it’s clear that the efforts of  so-called environmental organizations have amounted to nothing because they have failed to address the problem at its source. Climate change, desertification, ocean acidification, and species extinction are only a small part of the long list of environmental problems that are, in reality, symptoms of an overpopulated planet. If we look at it deeper, the overpopulation itself is just another symptom that has resulted from a human species who has largely disconnected from reality and lost sight of the importance of living a life in line with the balance of nature.

The groundbreaking film, The Way to Live, explores groups of people from around the world who have set out on the path to unraveling deeper questions in life. They provide us with in depth, logical reasons as to why the old order of political, religious and cultural philosophies are leading to the breakdown of our societies while alternatively providing us insights into the holistic, regenerative and restorative benefits of an ancient teaching based on the laws of nature. They open up about the deeper wisdom and consciousness awakening that can be unlocked if we learn to live, observe and participate in a symbiotic relationship with the natural world around us.



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