Hosting a film screening, either in public or virtually, can be a very empowering way to bring like minds together and initiate discussion around meaningful environmentally conscious topics. However, due to the social distancing restrictions, this year many films are taking place through virtual screening events. Although an in-person screening is great, virtual screenings actually offer many unique advantages. With the introduction of various platforms such as Zoom, facebook groups and facebook live with OBS software, you can now host your screening to a world wide audience with just a few clicks. Here’s how you can also charge an admission fee on Facebook live.

    ​How to host a virtual film screening

    1. Based on the size of your audience, purchase a Screening License Kit.
    • All of our Kits include a digital copy of the documentary, a Q&A Guide, and suggestions to market and promote your event.
    • For both virtual and socially-distanced events, you can purchase based on your best guess of audience size. Simply upgrade later if needed.
    1. If you’d like to do a virtual filmmaker Q&A, you can select the date and time and choose the filmmaker package.
    2. Keep a headcount at your event and, if the audience exceeds the limit on your screening license, you can purchase the appropriate upgrade.
    3. If you have any questions you can email us at

    Five Steps to bring your event together.


    Choose an event that is either live or on-demand.

    Select a date & time. National Holidays are a good day to host your event. Check social media analytics to see when your community is most likely to attend.

    Decide where you want to host – where is your audience most likely to watch? Facebook Groups, Facebook Live and Zoom have become very popular platforms to view virtual screenings.

    You can learn how to stream a movie here. You can also charge admission to watch a livestream when broadcasting via a Facebook Page.

    Consider whether or not access to the screening watch party will be free?


    Based on the size of your audience, choose a screening kit.

    For both virtual and public social-distanced events, purchase a package based on your best guess. If you have a better than expected turnout, simply upgrade. We also offer the option to have the filmmaker in attendance. If you’d like to do a virtual Q&A with the filmmaker, email us the date and time and we will make it happen.

    All of our Kits include a digital download of the film, a screening Q&A guide, and some marketing materials to promote the event.


    Marketing your event is the key to its success. What promotional tools will you use? Email campaigns, newsletters, and Facebook events & pages are all popular and effective choices to market your screening.

    Think about partnering with a person or group that might be passionate about the film topic, like an inspiring speaker from your community or film club.

    Social media has become the fastest way for people to communicate around the world. Create a Facebook event. Instagram Stories even offer event countdowns.

    You can also email us and we will happily use all of our platforms to share your event information!

    4. DO A TEST RUN

    Being prepared doesn’t just involve placing all your ducks in a row. You should test run your stream or screening prior to the launch.

    Something as simple as making sure your computer is plugged in while hosting can make all the difference.


    Your audience will appreciate you interacting with them. Take the time to chat and comment.

    Following the film, consider taking the time to moderate a Q&A. Have the audience submit their questions!

    When the film is over, keep in touch with the viewers. Build the community: network, exchange information, and share informational content that compliments the film.