Why does modern society persist in pursuing its endless growth experiment when it is so obvious that this is unsustainable? Why is modern neo-liberalism so resistant to change even when the writing is so clearly on the wall? PGAP talks to environmentalist, naturalist, educator, poet and author of new book “Change Our Stories, Change Our World” – Karen Shragg. Karen, who lives in the USA, discusses several of the modern myths and stories detailed in her new book from greed, inequality, religion, anthropocentrism, and the topic to which she focuses the majority of her activism and advocacy – overpopulation.

Link: https://pgap.fireside.fm/movingupstream?fbclid=IwAR12d7xxSuZyECuQoF_Ov8THIMGW4svX0pcnhBnK2Lm9Gg0-LXmrYF185tA

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